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From: Michelle Tennant

[[email protected]] Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 4:14 PM
Subject: [Rihanna] Dr. Jill Murray – 3 Stages of Violence – which one is Rihanna
To: Dr. Phil


Need a credible expert to discuss Rihanna and Chris Brown?

Dr. Jill Murray has appeared on hundreds of media programs including Oprah, ABC TV 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, Montel, CBS, NBC, FOX, Redbook and much, much more.

Dr. Jill Murray can discuss:

> Stages of Violence (1) Honeymoon, (2) Tension Building Phase, (3) Explosive Phase

She can discuss which one Rihanna is in and why she classifies Chris Brown as a text book abuser and Rihanna as a text book victim.

> Text Messaging and How It Can Relate to Domestic Violence

Dr. Murray has 3 warning signs parents, friends and relatives can watch for around “texting” if they fear someone they care about may be in a violent relationship. She will discuss why Chris Brown’s text is related to his violent patterns and upbringing

> What Chris Brown’s Choice of Physical Abuse Against Rihanna Communicates

Dr. Murray will discuss “how” an abuser hits illustrates something about how he feels about a relationship and what Chris Brown’s actions communicate against Rihanna who makes her living with her throat, face and voice

> Signs to watch for if you feel you might be dating an abuser

Dr. Murray works with hundreds of people and has written best-selling books praised by tons of media. She can show you what to watch for. Here’s her quiz:

Dr. Murray is based in Orange County, CA and can do all interviews by phone or near her home (or LA proper). She does have availability to fly to New York with a day’s notice so she can let her current therapy clients know. (They are used to her media schedule.) However, if a local, non-LA or non-NY in-studio interview is needed, Dr. Murray requests travel be arranged for her or a satellite interview from LA be arranged. Her PR team will entertain all requests so if you have interest,please let us know.


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