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From: Michelle Tennant

[[email protected]] Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 4:14 PM
Subject: [Rihanna] Dr. Jill Murray – 3 Stages of Violence – which one is Rihanna
To: Dr. Phil


Need a credible expert to discuss Rihanna and Chris Brown?

Dr. Jill Murray has appeared on hundreds of media programs including Oprah, ABC TV 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, Montel, CBS, NBC, FOX, Redbook and much, much more.


Dr. Jill Murray can discuss:

> Stages of Violence (1) Honeymoon, (2) Tension Building Phase, (3) Explosive Phase

She can discuss which one Rihanna is in and why she classifies Chris Brown as a text book abuser and Rihanna as a text book victim.

> Text Messaging and How It Can Relate to Domestic Violence

Dr. Murray has 3 warning signs parents, friends and relatives can watch for around “texting” if they fear someone they care about may be in a violent relationship. She will discuss why Chris Brown’s text is related to his violent patterns and upbringing